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How Automation brings forward the 4th Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution introduced the steam and first machines, while the Industry 4.0, also referred to as the fourth Industrial revolution, is all about internet of things,...

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The first industrial revolution introduced the steam and first machines, while the Industry 4.0, also referred to as the fourth Industrial revolution, is all about internet of things, big data, machine intelligence and growing trends in automation with little to no human input.

The society is still adapting to this robot-centric evolution and are concerned about the impacts on the labor market and wonder if this development towards a non-human workforce is something good or an unnatural progression with negative side-effects.

For sure, just like in any revolution, there will be winners and losers but just to make one point clear; where new technology is introduced, there will always be new jobs. It’s a cycle that replaces something old with something new. Yes, it’s a change and it might take some time to grasp the magnitude of it but what is evolution without any change.

So, what exactly is automation and how is it used in several industries?

Automation is mainly referred to as a process where manual tasks are replaced by automatic solutions. Boring and repetitive tasks no longer have to be part of a human’s daily routine, instead machines take over for you and optimize each performance. This eliminates some of the time wasted and lets you focus on more important tasks. Such processes are nowadays rapidly making its way to various industries and show immense potential in improving efficiency and productivity in digital technologies. Small businesses profit from this as they are able to maintain a competitive advantage and grow their business.

Let us look at 3 of the key industries that benefit from automation:

Technology Industries

Over the last couple of years marketing automation experienced a huge boost and continues to be a hot topic in 2017. According to ResearchandMarkets, marketing automation software revenues worldwide would grow up to $ 6.58 Billion by 2022, up from $ 3.86 Billion in 2016. Marketing automation can be very useful for example in email marketing, social media or campaign management and have a significant impact on the overall performance of a business. So, if you haven’t thought about a marketing automation plan yet, now it’s the time.

Automobile industry

The car industry brought transportation innovation to a new level and herewith also automated services. The newest attraction of 2017 is the first self-driving bus called Arma, which is operating in Las Vegas, providing its passengers flexible around-the-clock transits.


Also retailers such as Amazon Go and Domino’s Pizza have it all figured out. They put their services in the hands of a robot and this very successfully. The retailer giant Amazon, uses its ‘Walk Out Technology’ for a futuristic shopping experience. Each product that has been taken from the shelves is automatically detected and put into a virtual cart. Shoppers no longer have to stand in line to pay as the Amazon Go App will charge your Amazon account automatically after you leave the store. Domino’s Pizza on the other hand, is about to introduce the first automatic Pizza-delivery-drone which can be easily ordered and operated over a smartphone. Seems like exiting times are coming up!

The trend seems clear; we are moving towards a machine augmented reality. It will impact physical, digital and biological worlds and definitely shift us to a new lifestyle. The Revolution 4.0 has arrived and we are excited to see what is coming next.

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