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KPI? the most frightening word in Mobile Advertising and how optimob solves it

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to measure the quality of users who installed the app and help the app developers to know which of the traffic sources...

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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to measure the quality of users who installed the app and help the app developers to know which of the traffic sources is better for them and which isn’t….

KPIs can be defined in many different ways, starting from registration, to actions performed while using the app (for example – the level reached, tutorial and etc.), and can also be defined as in-app purchases (to see the full list of KPIs).

Pros of KPI measurement:

  • Easy to determine which of the traffic sources are delivering more engaged and loyal users to the app
  • Ad spend budget is utilized in the best way for the app developer
  • The users average LTV (Life Time Value) is growing

Cons of KPI measurement:

  • If an Ad network didn’t meet the advertiser’s required KPI, they are at high risk of not getting paid
  • Ad networks who fail to deliver traffic that stands in the KPIs are cut off from the advertisers’ budgets

If we look at the Pros and Cons of KPI measurement, we can detect a small doubt regarding the added value of using this method, since at the bottom line, the app developers are right to put this as a barrier between their money and the Ad networks, however the Ad networks which are able to provide this traffic is summed up into a very short list, as many Ad networks that try their best to provide good traffic are failing to do so.

How do some Ad networks manage to deliver the required KPIs?

Most of the Ad networks who succeed to deliver the KPIs requirements are usually well-connected with direct publishers and know where their traffic is being sent from and what type of apps their publishers own, others have advanced technology that allows them to monitor the KPIs and they optimize and block the low-quality traffic sources.

I am an ad network, what should I do if I want to deliver the KPIs too?

First, start by asking your advertisers to send a response using a postback every time one of your publishers is delivering the required KPI (usually called “event” or “goal” in the tracking systems). This is probably the most important thing you should start with when it comes to KPIs.

Second, make sure to monitor a few times a day the KPIs your publishers are delivering and compare it to your advertiser’s desired KPIs.

Third, when working with campaigns where the payment is linked to the KPI, make sure your publishers know that too, and that they monitor it as well from their end.

So, it is mostly analyzing and monitoring the reports?

Yes, that would be most of the job besides getting on board the best publishers possible. Monitoring the KPIs a few times a day combined with optimizing and blocking the publishers with low quality traffic, would help you get there, well… to a certain level.

My team isn’t available all the time and it sounds like time-consuming, what else can we do?

Performing manual actions has its limitations. It’s time-consuming, mistakes can happen, people have their weekends and holidays off, and unless you are going to work 24/7, you won’t be able to be on top of it all the time.

The KPI Struggle in CPI has come to an end

We at optimob have realized that no matter how good you are with people and how connected you are with top publishers, still, the KPI struggle is relentless.

Because of this reason, we have now released our latest and probably one of the most exciting tools that an Ad network can dream of – the KPI Optimizer.

Like all our tools, this feature also works on automation and if you are an Ad network, you can pre-set the optimization rules based on a wide range of metrics and let the KPI Optimizer to do the rest. It will monitor your publishers’ (and sub-publishers) performance around the clock, making sure they deliver the required KPIs and optimize the traffic in real-time, according to your pre-set rules, paving you the path to achieve your desired KPIs.

Setting up the KPI optimization is straight-forward and requires only to place the desired KPI within the featured offer:

And the pre-set rules will automatically alert or block the Affiliate/Publisher or Sub-Affiliate/Publisher that doesn’t meet the desired KPI:

About optimob

optimob is a SaaS designed for affiliate & ad networks to maximize efficiency in their performance marketing management using automation tools and optimization algorithms. The all-in-one solution offers an innovative way to manage traffic optimizations by lowering costs and increasing revenues with our advanced offers import.

For more information reach out to us at Sales@optimob.io or by Skype: dan_fauz

Visit our Blog for more articles and information about optimob’s features: https://blog.optimob.io

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